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Server Rules

Mensaje  BlackMetal el Lun Jul 28, 2008 3:32 pm


These rules are the Official Rules of Lineage II: Slaying the Dreamer server. Not knowing these rules doesn’t allow you to break them.

Read paying attention:

Verbal Offenses, threats and offensive comments about other players, person or group speaking about their sexuality, sex, religion or nationality are not allowed. Obviously, insults before a PK death are allowed because everybody don’t like to be killed, but aren’t allowed excessive threats or offenses.

GM or Players Fake is not allowed. People who create a character with similar names to Staff members will be banished permanently.

It’s TOTALLY FORBIDDEN the use of Bots or memory editors (l2walker, etc). Their use will be punished with Permanent BAN.

Bugs must be report immediately to a GM, in the game or in the forum (with screenshots). If a player uses a non-reported bug, that user will be punished with permanent BAN.

Items lost due to a fraud may not be retrieved. Deceiver will be banished.

Insinuate to a character that is a GM without proves or making rumors about the Staff will be severally punished. You have no
reason to annoy other players with that kind of things. Staff will punish as they like to do it.

Staff members work hard to keep the server online, to answer player questions and solve problems. Any offense against Staff members will be punished.

Arguing about Staff members’ actions/Decisions is forbidden (Staff members are people like other people, and they can make errors like other one. In case you have troubles with a Staff member, please contact other staff members in order to solve them.
You can contact other staff members by PM or MSN Messenger)

Staff is not the responsible of stealth or lose of items, accounts…Each one is responsible of his/her things.

Players must obey staff members.

STAFF Lineage II: Slaying the Dreamer Server


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