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Mensaje  BlackMetal el Lun Jul 28, 2008 3:30 pm

These rules must be obeyed in its whole content. Not knowing the rules don’t allow his breaking. Breaking a rule will be punished.

In this forum verbal aggressions are not allowed. Offenses to a server member or even a Staff member will be erased and his responsible will be punished.

Search in the forum before asking something. “Search” option is available to make more comfortable the navigation.

Spam is produced in a forum when user post information in many places with the same content, and its non-useful information or it’s not related with the content of the forum. It makes other users must report it to a moderator in order to erase them.
Once knew what’s spam, SPAM IS FORBIDDEN! All Spam will be erased and the user will be punished.

Don’t create topics whose titles don’t show what the topic is about. For example, topics with title “HEEEELP!” will be erased.
Post all topics on their correct place. Each need have its forum. All post bad placed will be erased.
Please, clear messages. Don’t write difficult-understand message, nobody will answer you.
Insinuation about Staff members’ favoritism to some players will be punished with BAN, also in the game.
Publicity of another webs/forums, servers, directly or insinuating it, will be punished with BAN, also in the game.

Forum Users must use their nickname also in the chat. Fake is forbidden. If you use another player/GM nickname, you will be strongly punished. Also in the game will be punished.

These Rules must be obeyed always. If you have any question about them, please contact Staff. You can find a way of contact in Contact Section at the forum.
Lineage II: Slaying the Dreamer Staff can edit, erase, and punish all things that are breaking these rules. Also in the Game can do it.

STAFF Lineage II: Slaying the Dreamer Server


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